18 June 2010

Metaphysical socks

The only religion that makes even the slightest bit of sense is gnosticism. Their idea is that a mad demigod created the world by mistake, and we're all trapped here.

However, if all we had to deal with is the world being deeply and fundamentally fucked, we'd be sweet. But, no, we've also got to deal with all the petty everyday things.

I could, if I were sensible, keep my sock drawer tidy and match each pair. Instead, it is jam-packed with odd socks, most of which have holes. Finding a wearable pair of socks of a morning is a long and arduous task characterised by frustration and annoyance.

If I don't have to get up for anything in particular, which is most days at the moment, I'll lie there until I've mustered the energy and courage to take on the sock drawer. This can take hours.

The benefit of this arrangement is that, no matter what else I am confronted with during the ensuing day, I know the worst is behind me.


Anonymous said...

I think i might tidy your sock drawer.

Rose said...

Oh, I didn't mean to make that anonymous. Don't be scared that some weird stranger is going to turn up to tidy your sock drawer. What a fearful situation that would be.

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